Reading List

We recommend the following books to nurture your fourth day journey. The books are divided into subject based on the talks given at an Emmaus weekend.


Devozine is a devotional magazine designed just for youth. It is written by teenagers and by adults who work with and care about teens. devozine's purpose is to help youth 12-18 years old develop a lifelong practice of spending time with God and of reflecting on what God is doing in their lives. read more

God Goes to College:
Living Faith on Campus

"Free & on my own!" The first college days are exciting for students and anxiety-inducing for parents. Those of us who have survived our early college days share freshmen enthusiasm but also shudder to think of the challenges and temptations overconfident young adults face. read more

Stepping Out on Your Own:
Devotions for High School

The first few months after high school graduation are a time of profound transition. Whether a young person begins working full-time, continues his or her education, or just explores next steps, there is much to think about. read more

Way to Live:
Christian Practices for Teens

"I want to find a way to live that keeps me involved in what God is doing in me and in the world around me. Do you know a way to live that is like that?" Eighteen teens and 18 adults tackle that question in Way to Live: Christian Practices for Teens. Their different points of view and personal stories make living a Christian life real. read more

What About God? | Now That
You're Off to College

Remember how you felt when you first left home for college? The thrill (and fear) of being on your own? Remember the parties, the late night study sessions, the early morning classes, not knowing how to cook, the home games and all the choices you faced every second of the day? read more

Dare to Make a Difference |
Chrysalis Brochure

Make a connection! The newly designed Chrysalis brochure gives you a chance to publicize your own Chrysalis events. Personalize the back panel with a label or stamp of your church contact information. read more

The Board of Directors
(The Emmaus Library)

Designed especially for members of the board of directors, this 40-page booklet is an insightful resource covering many aspects of the board. A consultant with many Emmaus communities, Gilmore explains the responsibilities of the board members, duties of the board committees, possible committee assignments, and much more. read more

Spiritual Directors in the Emmaus
Community (The Emmaus Library)

In this booklet, Kay Gray offers helpful advice for Emmaus spiritual directors, covering such topics as the role of spiritual directors, the qualifications for selection, and responsibilities before, during, and after the weekend.
read more

Spiritual Growth Through Team
Experience (The Emmaus Library)

Drawing on her experience as a team member, Bultemeier explains that "team meetings are small gatherings that model what the church in the world should be like." Her booklet covers qualities of a team member, spiritual benefits of team membership, what happens at team meetings, leadership development, and other aspects of being part of the Emmaus team. read more

Sponsorship (The Emmaus Library)

This 40-page booklet guides individuals through the process of sponsoring fellow pilgrims on the Walk to Emmaus. The authors explore the range of possibilities in the role of the sponsor for the renewal of church leaders, Emmaus communities, and the church. read more