New Community Manual

Friday, January 26, 2018

We have released a NEW Emmaus Ministries Community Manual in print and digital formats.  This new manual represents a shift away from separate handbooks for Chrysalis and Walk to Emmaus, and contains more information on how Chrysalis and Emmaus communities can function together as a single, unified Emmaus Ministries Community.

This NEW resource replaces The Upper Room Handbook on Chrysalis, as well as The Upper Room Handbook on Emmaus.

We recomend that each Chrysalis Board get a copy of the NEW Emmaus Ministries Community Manual to share so the board can begin to become familiar with the new informaiton and format.

In August, we will release new Chrysalis manuals.  These manuals will include significant, long-overdue updates to Chrysalis. In the coming months you will hear much more about these manuals and how we will role them out. 

In the mean time, keep using the handbooks and manuals you have to plan upcoming Chrysalis Flights.

If you have quesitons about this please contact Geoffery Parker or Kate Dickinson.