Chrysalis Regional Leaders in 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The coming year is one that is bringing change to our Chrysalis leadership.  We would like to honor and thank three of our Regional Leaders who together have provided many decades of service to the Chrysalis ministry.  We give thanks for the work of Susan Jackson in the Western Region, Steve Haug in the North Central Region, and Gwen Hutto in the Southeast Region.


As we move forward into 2017 we do so with two highly experienced and passionately devoted leaders who will be serving the Chrysalis communities across the United States.


Ruth Ann Brandt will be serving our communities in the Northeast and Southeast Regions.

You can contact her by phone 201-310-0474 or by email


Pat Miller will be serving our communities in the North Central, South Central, and Western Regions.

You can contact him by phone 281-787-2809 or by email


Also, you can always find their contact information on our website


Please take a few moments to meet Pat and Ruth Ann through this video and see for yourself just how excited they are to be working with you in 2017.